What is

Medical Marijuana?

Drastic changes in state and local laws have left many wondering about the safety and efficacy of the legal use of cannabis. Meanwhile, ongoing research continues to point to the benefits of medical marijuana.

Pricing & Testing Services (R&D):

$65 per test for THCV, CBD, CBC, d8THC, d9THC, CBG, & CBN

(min sample size of .5 g req)

$75 per test for THCV, CBD, CBC, d8THC, d9THC, CBG, CBN, & THCA

(for Crystalline, RSO Oil/Canna Butter/Pills/Topical infusions)

(min sample size of 1 g req)

$65 per test for residual solvents R&D only

(Butane, Propane, Ethanol, & Isopropyl Alcohol)

(min sample size of.5 g req)

$75 per test for 11 major terpene compounds analysis 

(min sample size of .5 g req)

$80 per test per medicated edible

(Price includes THCA)

(min sample size of 1 g req)

Package prices - for potency tests, terpene analysis, & residual solvents

5 tests for $200

10 tests for $340

20 tests for $620

If you're interested in a R&D safety test they are done through a third party lab. 

Mobile On Site Testing Service

We'll come to you! We can provide potency test results for flower or wax on site. We can also receive any other samples you'd like to have other tests done at our lab. All we need is a power source & an operational space. WiFi is a plus!

Our lab HQ is located in Upland.

Within 20-30 miles $300 min. includes 7 tests

Within 40-60 miles $500 min. includes 12 tests

Within 70-80 miles $800 min. includes 21 tests

... to learn more about our testing services

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